Since 2012 we have been developing and selling the innovative harvesting machine "LADY", which has been improved year after year, especially for fruit growers and their necessities.


Satisfied customers 

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Further development of the machine



in use all year round 

Various designs! #variable

Apfel Erntewagen kistenwagen

NEW 2022

Apfel Erntewagen  BERGLADY
Die Bühne zum Baumschneiden

Can be used all year round! #unique

In addition to the very high cost-benefit factor, the electric crate transporter stands out from competing products primarily due to its high autonomy, maneuverability, and year-round usability thanks to the stage structure. The permanent all-wheel drive increases traction and braking safety. Thanks to its innovative design, the little all-rounder has already been awarded unique patents. 



The four-wheel cart is moved manually or in stop & go mode by means of a joystick, which is very easy to learn for any worker without previous experience. 


Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of batteries, which can be easily removed from the machine. 


Different tires, batteries or perhaps the harvest ladders or yet the stage structure? Guaranteed something for every farm! 

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" Albert Einstein

What our customers say: #satisfied

"The best investment in recent years" C.K. Völlan

"I wouldn't give up this machine anymore, before I would sell my car"

F.L. Plaus

"Always reliable for years, we are more than satisfied"

T.L. Algund

"We were surprised that the harvest wagon drove without problems even on the steep slope" 

F.P. Morter

"The machine (PLATFORM) rarely has a day where it is not in use" 

E.P Naturns

"Perfectly engineered machine!" 


G.R. Tisens

"These lightweight lithium batteries are worth every penny" 

A.P. Obermais

" I have to say the workers have immediately understood how to operate the machine"

R.S. Tarsch

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