Our Frucotec multifunctional trolleys "LADY" are mainly used for harvesting in the lower part of the trees. They guarantee a faster, gentler and more comfortable harvestTo achieve the maximum benefit, each machine is tailored to the requirements of the respective customer.


Both different motors and different types of tires are used. There are also several color options to choose from (light green, red, blue, black, white or purple). In addition, there are different battery options to choose from, most of which correspond to an autonomy of 1-3 days in normal harvesting (area covered: minimum 5,000 m2/half hectare). 

Technical data

  • 2x 850 watt motors
  • 4x bevel spur gear
  • Magnetic spring pressure brake
  • Stepless 0-3(4)km/h
  • Max. Slope up to 20%
  • Empty weight 250kg 
  • Max. Payload 400kg

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