The BERGLADY model is the stronger and newly revised version of the Lady. This has its advantages especially in steeper terrain and when working with the harvesting ladders or the platform. It is possible to double the battery capacity, which corresponds to an autonomy of 2-3 days in normal harvesting (driven area: 0.5-1.5ha depending on the slope). The attachment of special, wider tires with high tractor profile or caterpillars gives the machine even more possibilities in steep slopes, making the Berglady drivable even for plants up to 40%.


By attaching the harvesting ladders (version standard or version premium), the tree area of 2.3-3.5m (depending on version and slope) can additionally be harvested or worked.


Likewise, the 1-man platform or also the wider 2-man platform can be mounted.


Completely redesigned machine.



Thanks to special caterpillars or spiked rollers now also up to 50% slope.



Even more possibilities.

...with harvesting ladders

...with the platform

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